Best deals this week: $200 off the Z Fold 2, iPhone 12 Pro Max and S21 Ultra BOGO

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Samsung Galaxy phone deals

Samsung’s Mother’s Day offers is up and gives you 256 GB S21 series models at a price of 128 GB base models. It still offers unmatched trade, and the deals have seeped down to the new Galaxy A52 and below models. Samsung’s own website is still the place to get exclusive colors and free accessories too.

Samsung has some new trade-in offers on fresh Galaxy A52 and A42 for Verizon, while holding $ 200 store credit for Galaxy S21 Ultra and cuts a Benjamin off S21 + or S20 FE in the form of in-store credit, plus there are also generous discounts on your older phone.

Costco, eBay, Walmart, and Best Buy phone deals

OnePlus has great deals on phones from Nerd and 8 Series, and you can now score $ 350 on the Galaxy S21 Ultra at Best Buy with Verizon Activation. Costco still has iPhone 12 on AT&T basically for a profit ($ 3.33 / month plus a $ 150 Costco startup card), even though it was due to expire on April 22nd.

Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T phone deals

BOGO discounts had almost disappeared from best iPhone 12 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 is about Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, but thanks to Mother’s Day, they are now back with revenge. There is still a 50% discount on offers LG Velvet and iPhone 11, as well as a good offer on Pixel 4a 5G shortly before Pixel 5a announcement has been completed at AT&T.

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