iPhone 13 Pro Max causes a crisis between users and Apple .. difficult to fix!

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It does not seem that things are fine between Apple and iPhone repair shops, especially after the company’s recent decision about dismantling and maintaining the new iPhone 13 Pro Max screen.. Follow the details via my TV number.

iPhone 13 Pro Max causes a new crisis!

A new report from the famous maintenance site iFixit It was revealed that Apple completely disables Face ID technology on iPhone 13 Pro Max when trying to repair the screen at an external technical support center. Thus, the consumer will not be able to authenticate the payment with a face print, unlocking or any other feature that works exclusively with face verification technology.

This news is very harmful to owners of maintenance shops, as it is, in one sense or another, a monopoly by the company for phone maintenance. Especially since the cost of these devices is higher than Android smart devices in terms of maintenance. It is known to iPhone maintenance experts that the screen is the most vulnerable part of Apple devices, and after this update it will be very difficult – if not impossible – for maintenance shops to repair iPhone 13 screens.

Here, only Apple-certified technicians with access to the Apple Services Toolkit 2 software can create new monitors by logging maintenance into Apple’s cloud servers and synchronizing phone and monitor serial numbers. This gives Apple the ability to approve or reject each repair.

iFixit tested the iPhone 13 on iOS 15 and iOS 15.1 updates to confirm its findings, and the site said the iPhone 13 completely disables Face ID functions when the screen is replaced.

Not only that, but the site also described the complex screen switching process.

But there is hope for users and repair shops, that Apple will modify this procedure with an upcoming update to iOS, as it did last year.

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