Apple’s digital ID program delayed for early 2022

With iOS 15, Apple introduced lots of new features, but some of them, as promised, are still not available to users. Like Apple’s digital driver’s license and ID feature for participating US states that lets you scan your documents and have them on your Wallet app at any time. It was originally scheduled to arrive in late 2021, but Apple now lists the feature as “coming in early 2022” on its iOS 15 page.

Revised ID card rollout date on iOS 15 website

The digital ID system is still in its infancy, and only Arizona and Georgia will support it at launch, while Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah are expected to be next in line, although there is no exact time frame for, whenever they want. A leaked report from earlier this month detailed that Apple will have a high degree of control over the rollout process, although the costs associated with it will be covered by taxpayers. States will be required to maintain the credentials on their own while Apple controls the marketing and when the program will actually launch.

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