iPhone 2021 all-glass? Apple’s crazy ideas

There is nothing new worth mentioning about the design of the iPhone in recent years, which repeats itself with some light touches here and there, but there is a new patent for Apple – iPhone 2021. If the idea is applied, it can be said that it is a revolutionary change coming in the world of smart phones.. Follow the details via Digital TV.

iPhone 2021 all-glass?

The new patent is different from the previous oneIt suggests the idea of ​​an all-glass iPhone, and even an Apple Watch and Mac Pro.

The idea is an all-glass phone and the glass is wrapped around its body, which means there is no metal frame on the sides, like an electronic device inside a glass case.

But it is not yet known whether all aspects of the iPhone 2021 will work as touch screens, or even displays.

And we see in the pictures of the engineering scheme of the design that there is a traditional interface for the iPhone in the front, while the back we see another glass screen with a notification of receiving a phone call, which means the possibility of using the back of the device as a secondary screen, and this allows the icons to move across multiple surfaces when swiped.

The four sides of the device will be a single piece of glass or several pieces of glass connected to each other. We don’t know how the tires will be used, whether pressing or touching the sides of the phone to lower or raise the volume of music or content.

The illustration from the patent also showed a shape that shows the possibility of a future Apple Watch made entirely of glass. In addition to another illustration of the Apple desktop computer, it also comes in an all-glass design.


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