iPhone 2022 glass only! OnePlus 10 Pro with a screen like no other | Tesla satellite phone

Apple launches iPhone 2022 fully glass and everything about OnePlus 10 with a surprise screen .. And the first phone from Elon Musk! Welcome to your tech publication via my TV number.

iPhone 2022 made of glass and other news via Tech Bulletin

strange idea from Apple company About the future of the phone, as leaks indicate that the iPhone 2022 will come from all glass and without any metal frames, and OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the awaited phones due to the company’s reputation in design, workmanship and cameras, this time leaks mentioned that OnePlus is preparing for a terrifying screen

Elon Musk is everywhere, he wants space, digital currencies, smart cars.. Now he has entered the world of smart phones.. Let’s get to know the first phone from Tesla, and Google raises the number of people gathered in the application to meet 500 people at the same time.

Facebook launches voice chat rooms to compete with Clubhouse

NordPass publishes the most used passwords among people and the easiest to hack for the year 2021, and the password from one to six is ​​still in the first place, and a Korean site says that the Squid Game series has begun to be circulated by smuggling via USB flash drives in North Korea, which imposes itself severe isolation, and this Flashes are smuggled from China and South Korea

Apple will start with new maintenance laws, such as providing two hundred spare parts, with a focus on iPhone 13 and 12 phones, such as the screen, battery and camera, and this means that devices can be repaired without the need for company stores..


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