Apple itself leaks the apparent release date for the new 5G iPad Pro (2021) models

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When Apple revealed new devices like the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) on April 20, it announced that pre-orders would launch on April 30 with shipments expected to begin in the second half of May. However, a leak reveals that the launch date of the new one iPad Pro models and for the new iMac is May 21st. While Apple certainly can not be too happy about this, the problem is that the company itself is responsible for the leak!

A tweet from tech writer Jason Athens (via AppleInsider) explains how Apple accidentally leaked the May 21 date from a story dated today published in the Apple Newsroom. The post discusses the pre-orders starting tomorrow, but the metadata belonging to the story originally said the devices are available “in stores and on your doorstep around the world on May 21.” While Apple has since removed this date, a Twitter subscriber wondered if Apple just meant May 2021. “

Several Twitter tipsters have also promoted May 21 as the release date for the new products. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) includes a mini-LED display that enhances image quality and contrast. Both versions of the tablet including the 11-inch device, will be powered by the powerful M1 chip manufactured by TSMC using the 5nm process and includes 16 billion transistors.
The new iPad Pro (2021) also includes a Thunderbolt port, and the mobile models support 5G connectivity. For the digital hoards out there, Apple offers a model with 2 TB of storage space. Prices range from $ 799 (Wi-Fi only with 128GB of storage) to $ 2,099 (Wi-Fi + Cellular with 2TB of storage).
In Apple Stores is tomorrow the new Barney-colored (purple) iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models and AirTag device tracking.

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