Galaxy A73 to compete with Xiaomi | Leap phone speed 2022 | Huawei Mate V vs Samsung Weapon

Tamsin Rodriguez5 December 2021Last Update : 8 months ago
Galaxy A73 to compete with Xiaomi | Leap phone speed 2022 | Huawei Mate V vs Samsung Weapon

Huawei is preparing to launch a new phone and the 2022 phone bomb, and let’s learn the secrets of the forgotten phone from the Samsung Galaxy A73.. Welcome to your Tech publication via my TV number.

Galaxy A73 and other news from Tech Bulletin

And we start the bulletin with the foldable phone from Huawei .. the company is preparing to unveil a phone that will be cheaper and stronger .. At the same time .. the company’s president threatens a strong return, and Qualcomm unveils the new processor for the flagship phones in 2022 … The processor contains features that will make the performance of phones different

And to the medium phones, video leaks revealed the design and features of the upcoming Galaxy A73 phone… So what does Samsung bring this time? A report from Bloomberg magazine says that Apple has asked to reduce production of iPhone 13 phones by 11%, and the reason is low demand

A report says that Samsung intends to control 22% of the smartphone market share in 2022, after sales fell due to the global epidemic crisis.

A statistic confirms that the tears of joy emoji is the most popular emoji around the world, while the red heart is in second place, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 series finally gets the One UI 4 beta version based on the Android 12 operating system

Researchers from Princeton University and Washington University in the United States have created the smallest microscopic camera just the size of a grain of salt for the new camera Allow ultra-small robots to sense their surroundings, or even help doctors see problems inside the human body

Scientists have found a treasure trove of 11 dinosaur remains for the first time in Italy, including the largest and most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in the country. Scientists say these dinosaurs lived 80 million years ago.

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