Samsung and Tecno working on RGBW camera sensor

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Tecno Mobile held a webinar yesterday where it revealed that it is working with Samsung to bring an RGBW camera sensor to its future phones. Samsung’s ISOCELL GWB was briefly described on stage, and its main function is the RGBW color filter.


The new 64 MP sensor adds a white sub-pixel to the red, green and blue arrays, which should result in improved light sensitivity and better performance in low light scenes. It will likely debut on a Tecno phone in 2022.

Samsung ISOCELL RGBW sensor details

Samsung ISOCELL RGBW sensor details

Sony, Huawei, vivo and Oppo have all experimented with RGBW sensors in the past and we have seen some impressive results from Huawei’s flagships in particular. Samsung announces class-leading photos in low light and increased color accuracy from its new sensor. There have been rumors that Samsung is working on a 50MP RGBW sensor for the Galaxy S22 series, which is probably a different module than the one we have seen here.

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