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Pac-Man on Facebook is now multiplayer! Here’s how to play

Facebook has launched a new Pac-Man game on Facebook Gaming, a game developed by Genvid Technologies using its cloud-based technology platform in partnership with Bandai Namco.

Pac-Man gets multiplayer feature

Unlike the traditional Pac-Man game, Facebook now allows users to play solo or group play that can have up to four players to complete mazes. Moreover, users can also create their own mazes and challenges through the Maze Creator tool.

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“With Play Watch Connect, we provide more immersive and engaging social experiences to build a community around games on Facebook,” Facebook says on its blog.

Both live stream organizers and creators will be able to broadcast live Pac-Man challenges. Through the Play with Streamer feature, audience members can join a game or watch using a streaming device as part of a show.

Pac-Man on Facebook is now multiplayer!  Here's how to play

Says Facebook: “The mazes that players create will be featured in-game daily, and soon we will be launching community-oriented challenges and mazes organized and developed by the live-streaming communities.”

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In the Pac-Man community, people watching 24/7 live in Watch Mode can play AI Pac-Man or ghost and compete. When the broadcast is not live, the Watching tab will display AI characters.

Pac-Man on Facebook is now multiplayer!  Here's how to play

“We believe games bring people together in powerful ways, whether that’s playing games together, watching game videos, or communicating about games in Facebook groups,” Facebook says.

When playing, the team can see each other’s faces, or the faces can be hidden and have a full screen game. You can also play the classic PacMan game.

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Have you ever played Pac-Man on Facebook? Share with us in the comments.


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