Samsung and Discovery create a short documentary on tigers using a Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung has partnered with Discovery to record a short nature documentary called “Eye to Eye With a Tiger” using a Galaxy S21 Ultra. The documentary follows wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan as he heads out into Ranthambore National Park to capture footage of the beautiful but endangered animal.

This project is for a good cause, it will raise awareness of deforestation, poaching and overhunting of the tigers’ prey that is causing their population to dwindle. This project will also help support Project CAT (Conserving Acres for Tigers), which was started by WWF and Discovery. The project currently spans six million acres of protected tiger habitat across India, Bhutan and Russia.

Scenes from the documentary
Scenes from the documentary
Scenes from the documentary

Scenes from the documentary

Narayan is joined by award-winning director Vikram Singh. The couple also took photos and videos of other animals inside the park and got the best out of the S21 Ultra’s camera along the way.

Like this crocodile, which was photographed with the 10x telephoto lens. Here are a few tips from the filmmakers.

Pro mode for photos and videos was also handy as the documentary team had to deal with some difficult lighting conditions.

And the team encountered a tiger and managed to record 8K video while taking several pictures at the same time.

“By capturing the power and beauty of these animals, I want to help people experience tigers in a tangible way. Pictures and videos of tigers in the wild can help educate and capture a global audience. We must all work together to create change and ensure that these big cats live on, ”says Singh.

Finally, here is the documentary video in question:



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