Kuo: Rugged Apple Watch coming in 2022

There is a rumor that Apple is working on a robust version of its Apple Watch, and now noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirms that the laptop should be launched in 2022. Kuo expects three Apple Watch models next year with the Watch 8- series, a new SE model and the rugged watch. The rugged watch has also been dubbed the Explorer version in some rumors, but we get no specifications for now. It should come with shockproof housing and will be targeted at extreme athletes and outdoor lovers.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition (Image: MacRumors)

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to bring a body temperature sensor that will help users collect more health and fitness data. Kuo is also expecting an upgraded AirPods Pro version, which will add built-in health sensors as well as a “radical” redesign that removes the stems.



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