Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro long-term review

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Xiaomi has grown its sales very recently, no doubt aided by Huawei’s death – but that can’t possibly explain it all. Xiaomi has obviously done many things well recently and apparently launched a phone at all possible price points to satisfy all people. And it certainly helps when these products usually sign the competition in price while offering similar, if not better specifications.

And this leads us to the category known as ‘flagship killers’. In 2020, Xiaomi has not had one, but two of them, starting with the Poco F2 Pro (which we have already reviewed in the long run) and then the one-up of the Mi 10T Pro a few months later. This is thus Xiaomi’s hallmark flagship killer even today as we await the next international launch.

Long-term review of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

The Mi 10T Pro uses the tried and tested flagship killer formula – giving you the performance of a top on the line unit for a fraction of the price – but also adds some interesting other features. First, it actually surpasses any regular non-gaming flagship in screen refresh rate, albeit at the expense of using an LCD and not an OLED. We tell you how the decision has fared, what its consequences are in daily life.

The Mi 10T Pro also enhances the camera systems of its (various branded) predecessors by bringing a 108 MP main sensor to the mix with OIS no less. It’s an interesting decision on Xiaomi’s part, because other companies may have been content to keep the highest numbers exclusive to their expensive high-end phones. Still, we now see 108 MP sensors even in the Redmi Note line, so anything that talks about democratization features (in which business leaders routinely participate) might not just be talk.

Long-term review of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

So here we have a very exciting package in the Mi 10T Pro and we were very eager to test it for a long time where it has been used as our only smartphone. We have thoughts – many of them – about how it was, and if you join us in the next pages of this long-term review, we’ll tell you all about how Xiaomi’s latest flagship killer costs.

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