Apple reportedly allows iPhone and Mac customers to buy AppleCare after the initial 60 days

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In a leaked internal document obtained by MacRygter, Apple may begin offering iPhone customers a second chance to purchase the extended AppleCare + repair and warranty plan offered by Apple. Typically, in most countries, Apple will give customers 60 days to purchase AppleCare + to protect their purchase of a Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

According to the leaked document, customers who have had their iPhones for less than a year and have recently had their iPhone repaired by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will be eligible to purchase Apple Care + for their devices.

This, of course, requires the customer to pay the price outside the warranty for the repair or replacement. For reference, the repair cost in the US for an iPhone 13 Pro Max (which has the highest fees) for one screen replacement is $ 329, while all “other” repair costs DKK 599. With AppleCare +, a screen or rear glass repair costs only $ 29, while “other” damage would cost $ 99.

Only after paying the price outside the warranty can AppleCare + be purchased so that they can pay the smaller repair fee if damage occurs in the future. Well, at least during the coverage period.

This policy is allegedly “in effect at the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Providers in all countries and regions where AppleCare + is available.” The move should help increase revenue for Apple, as the company is currently facing high demand for devices and the company is able to keep up – especially during the holiday season.


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