Android 12L First beta is now available for eligible devices

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Google announced its plans to build a special version of Android 12 for larger screens in October. Today, the first beta build of Android 12L will now be available for supported devices.

This new system is coming exactly on time according to its rollout plans. You can install the update if you own a Google Pixel 3a or later with the beta version available for testing in Android studio as well.

However, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, which was also picked to get Android 12L, hasn’t gotten the update yet, so if you buy the tablet, you need to wait a few days for the beta to come out,thanks

How to get the new operating system Android 12L

If you want to try this update and own one of the nine eligible devices, you can register for this update via the The Google Then you will get the update in time.

Google will also release at least two betas for the months of January and February of 2022, with a stable release likely in the second quarter of 2022.

The L in Android 12L stands for big screens because the focus in this release will be on Google’s new operating system adoption of large screen devices such as tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS-based devices.

Google also announced that Android 12L will be available from 2022, for the next batch of Android 12 foldable tablets.

Android 12L – Learn about the new details of the operating system

Features of the new operating system Android 12L

The company says there are about a quarter of a billion ChromeOS devices, tablets and foldable screen devices running Android, with 100 million new Android tablets running in 2020 alone. This represents an increase of 20% annually, with a steady rise also in foldable devices and laptops running ChromeOS.

Android 12L First beta is now available for eligible devices

The new user interface is intended for use on the big screen, with changes to notifications, lock screen, home screens and quick settings. There will be a new two-column design, with system apps getting improvements as well for this new update for tablets and foldable devices.

Android 12L – Google Pixel devices eligible for the new operating system

Android 12L First beta is now available for eligible devices

Multitaskers will benefit from Android 12L as it will bring with it a new taskbar that will allow users to quickly switch between their favorite apps, which makes split screen mode easier to use as well.

Android 12L – List of Samsung devices eligible for the new operating system

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