Newly discovered tech expected to dramatically improve your phone’s battery

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Manufacturers have been increasing the battery capacity of their phones in the last few years and now a 5,000 mAh battery in a phone is very common. This would have been considered insane a few years ago, but people are on their phones all the time, so it only makes sense to give them the best possible battery life.

But what people often overlook is the fact that even larger batteries degrade over time – just like smaller ones. Thanks to a series of software improvements over the years that stop the charging of the battery to its full capacity and report its condition to the user, this has improved a great deal.

Still, phones lose somewhere between 5-10% of their original battery capacity in about a year of active use depending on the weather conditions around you and how you use and charge your phone. So the problem is – how do you get your phone on for more than three years and not worry that battery life will be a reason to buy a new one?

The solution may come closer than we thought thanks to a Japanese science team from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or JAIST (via SamMobile). The newly discovered material is said to help batteries slow down the decomposition process and retain 95% of their original capacity over five years or longer. If this is true, then your new smartphone stays usable much longer than before – that is if you initially wanted it for five or more years.

In any case, the new material discovered by JAIST is called Bis-imino-acenaphthenequinone-Paraphenylene (BP), and not only does it sound like the longest Harry Potter spell, but it can actually also work as magic.

It is said to help the batteries in smart devices maintain 95% of their capacity, even after 1,700 battery cycles. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because the abstract name of the new battery technology is a complicated way of saying graphite.

As stated by Professor Matsumi, the new battery technology is expected to make smartphones more reliable in the long run and also make them more sustainable. It seems that the technology will also benefit manufacturers, who are expected to start entering new markets for smart devices.

It’s not a secret Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei plan to enter the electric car (EV) market. Then, Xiaomi has actually been making electric scooters for a while, which can also benefit from the newly discovered BP battery technology.

Of course worn as smartwatches, earplugs, and even trackers are also potential hosts for this innovative hardware, so it is expected that the technology will be available to everyone. We are excited to see how this story will evolve and we look forward to the first generation of products that include the technology.

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