Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could end up called Galaxy S22 Note

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It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a slot for an S Pen, just like Galaxy Note smartphones. Recent reports suggest that the phone will not only get the pen but will also be reunited with the name. It’s true, the largest Samsung flagship in the upcoming series may be called the Galaxy S22 Note.

The rumor comes from Twitter user @FrontTron, who has previously been right with Samsung leaks.

Having S and Note in the same name feels unnatural, but the current supply chain problems, driven by the coronavirus pandemic, brought upon us a lot of strange situations.

Samsung tried its best to place the Galaxy Z Fold3 as an alternative to the canceled Galaxy Note21, given its large screen and S Pen compatibility, but we would understand the need for an actual note, even if it means blurring the boundaries between the flagship series.


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