In-house Pixel 6 chipset increasingly likely as Google confirms existence of Whitechapel

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Google is said to be working on its first custom smartphone chipset with Samsung. We’ve heard about it since last year and it is believed that it will be ready in time for Pixel 6. First-hand proof from within Google raises the possibility.

XDA developers reports that a link uploaded by a Google employee suggests this year’s flagship Pixel smartphones want a home-brewed chip. According to previous reports, SoC is the code name Whitechapel and is internally known as “GS101”, with “GS” being said to be an abbreviation for “Google Silicon.”

Comment from a Googler mentions the GS101, which is believed to be the Pixel 6 chipset

The aforementioned employee commented during a code change submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the OsloFeedback app, which handles Movement Sense movements on Pixel 4.

The comment says: “You do not need a core domain to use binder_use. This one lives fine on P21. ”
The P21 reportedly refers to the “Pixel 21”, which presumably consists of the Pixel 6 and other devices expected this year. The comment is accompanied by the following link:;l=9?q=%22binder_use(%22%20p:android$%20f : gs101-sepolicy

Although the link is inaccessible to the public, it is proof enough that Whitechapel / GS101 exists.
The chip will reportedly be made using Samsung’s 5nm process technology. It will apparently drive the Pixel 6 and 6 XL. That Pixel 5a, which is likely to arrive before flagship phones in August, will reportedly stick with one Qualcomm-manufactured chip.
A proprietary chip could place the Pixel 6 on par with best phones from 2021.
Reports say that Pixel 6 has one centered front camera, a fingerprint reader on the display, support for 4K selfie videos and ultra-broadband technology (UWB). Pieces of code seem to have suggested it gets one Samsung camera sensor.

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