Android 12 – Android 12 A list of 4 Samsung phones that will get the update soon

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A source revealed in a tweet on Twitter the list of smartphones from the Korean company Samsung that will get the update of the Android operating system 12 (Android 12) soon. Let’s get acquainted with these phones in the lines below.

Android 12 – Android 12 List of Samsung phones that will get the update soon

As we mentioned at the beginning, this list specifically includes 4 phones from Samsung, and these phones are the Samsung Galaxy A52, the fourth generation version (Samsung Galaxy A52 4G), the Samsung Galaxy A52, the fifth generation version (Samsung Galaxy A52 5G), and the Samsung Galaxy A 52s (Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G), and Samsung Galaxy A72s (Samsung Galaxy A72).

Android 12

According to the source, the above phones will get the Android 12 update soon, and we were hoping to get a specific date, but leaks about this matter are sure to increase during the coming period.

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Is your Samsung phone in the list of phones aboveAnd what is the best feature of Android 12? Let us know in the comments section below..

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