Galaxy S22 Ultra with a camera you wouldn’t expect | Xiaomi 12 Ultra Super Specifications? | Best phone 2021

Galaxy S22 Ultra is coming with an amazing camera? Here is everything about the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra.. and a technical circuit that reaches the stage of breaking bones.. Welcome to Tech publish on my TV number.

Galaxy S22 Ultra camera and other news from Tech Bulletin

We know that there is a phone that is the most powerful in the Galaxy S22 is the Ultra version..and we know that it will come with stronger features..but a tweet on Twitter came from a technical blogger..he says that the camera Galaxy S22 Ultra Much more powerful than the rest of the phones!

Before the end of this year, Xiaomi will announce the Mi 12 phone, and just as Samsung has distinguished the Ultra phone with cameras, this time Xiaomi has done it in the design.

The fiery confrontations erupted in a technical circuit championship.. the first round is over.. the bone-breaking stage has begun.. a stage that knows neither mercy nor pity.. and the decision is your decision to judge who wins and who loses

WhatsApp finally allows the ability to hear your voice message before sending it, by providing a red button in the middle that can be pressed upon completion of recording and previewing the message.

And we stay with Oppo, which registered a patent for a phone with a hidden camera and a secondary screen at the back.. According to the report, the device comes with a curved screen on all sides, and a quad rear camera, and Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 tablet and its price starts from 230 euros.. The screen size 10.5 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels, which is in the middle category

A magazine reveals these images and says that they are for the foldable Huawei P50 Pocket, which will be unveiled on the 23rd of December.


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