11 ideas about things in your life that you can track with AirTags

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The smart little one AirTags are probably the best way to track your keys, but the tiny little gadget can rely on a network of millions of iPhones across the globe, and there could certainly be other, potentially much more useful ways to use it and track the important ones. things in your life.

In this article, we explore the things you can track with AirTags, and we also talk about how long it can take for an AirTag to find each of these topics, and whether it can actually track everything, or if certain topics do not fits well.

Of course, don’t forget that AirTags were never designed to track people or pets or find stolen items. And most importantly, do not forget that AirTags can be easily disabled by simply removing the battery.

However, all of this does not prevent people from experimenting and putting them on pets and all sorts of other things, so let’s actually explore all of these ideas and see the pros and cons of each of them!

# 1: Find your child or pet

We actually have a dedicated article that explores how to find your child or pet with AirTags, but the answer is that yes, of course you can track your child or pet with AirTags, but for children it may be a much better idea to get them to Apple Watch and has an easy communication channel that also helps them find them much more accurately and easily. For pets, an Apple Watch is not an option, and you should probably not be surprised to know that just days after the launch of AirTag, there is already a huge collection of AirTag Pet Collars that you can equip your dog or cat. with.
The problem with tracking a pet with AirTags is that if pets get away from home, they can often roam into the woods and other wilder places where not many people with iPhones help locate them. But it’s better to have at least something, and if you’re in an urban area, the chances of finding your lost pet with an AirTag look pretty high, so why not?

# 2: Bil

If your car does not have a built-in GPS tracker, it may be helpful to put an AirTag in the glove compartment or store it somewhere in your car if someone steals it or in the more common occurrence of forgetting where you parked the. the mall car.

So what is the chance of finding a stolen car with an AirTag? If the thieves use an iPhone, they may even unknowingly lead you to your car, as their phone helps AirTag provide the exact location, so that may not be a bad idea at all. Of course, this is not something that Apple officially recommends or guarantees, but as with everything on this list #whynot.

As for those of us who forget where they parked their car in the mall parking lot, where hundreds of people passed the busy places, some tests have shown that it does not take longer than 15 minutes for AirTag to give you a location if you are far away or you can alternatively use the Find My App and if an AirTag is within a range of 100 meters it should immediately transfer you to the location.

# 3: Bicycle / electric scooter / motorcycle

If you have a more expensive bike or an electric scooter or even a motorcycle, you will definitely do your best to protect them from being stolen. So if you want to put an AirTag on a bike so it just stays hidden inside so thieves do not even know it’s there, your first challenge is to find a spot. It may be a good idea to integrate it into the seat post or the seat itself, or if you are agile and adventurous, it may be possible to drill a spot for an AirTag in your bike frame. Once you find a place for AirTag, you can hope that if someone steals it, they will not notice it, and chances are that the area has at least a few iPhones around, so you can find your stolen bike and hopefully get it back.

# 4: Camera Equipment

Camera equipment is probably something that is particularly painful to have stolen. It can cost thousands of dollars and it can usually all fit in a backpack and is completely unprotected, which means it is a perfect target for thieves.
Right now, there is no good way to hide an AirTag inside your camera, but if you carry it in a backpack or other bag, it may be a good idea to hide an AirTag in there if the thief decides to keep it in the convenient storage unit. . In the future, we certainly hope that camera manufacturers implement some sort of AirTag spot or alternative GPS tracker inside their cameras to make them better protected against theft.

# 5: AirPods Max or other expensive headphones that are usually stored in the case

Do you spend $ 550 on headphones? It may be a good idea to attach an AirTag to them or to their cause. Of course, this will be super easy to find and disable for a thief, but it will also be useful if you just place them incorrectly and forget their whereabouts, making it much easier to find them.

# 6: Drone

An AirTag weighs only 11 g (0.4 oz), making it possible to tape it on most drones without much of a problem. Why might this be helpful? Well, in the unfortunate situation where your drone falls in the middle of the flight, it can often be impossible to retrieve it. There is no guarantee that if you lose a drone somewhere in the mountains, an AirTag will be useful at all (if no one even walks in this area, an AirTag will never be located), but if you happen to drop it somewhere where there are at least some people, you will have a chance to find that drone.

# 7: Apple TV remote control

Okay, we all know that feeling: the TV remote is lost again! Thanks to 3D printing and a smart guy has already made the perfect Apple TV remote bag with a seat for AirTag, making it so much easier to find the lost remote.

# 8: wallet

Of course, you can always drop an AirTag in your wallet and find it much faster. Keep in mind, though, that an AirTag is a bit on the thick side of always carrying in your wallet. It measures 8 mm (0.31 “) thick, which is about the size of 5 nickels if your wallet has a coin compartment. Alternatively, you can attach an AirTag to your wallet instead of placing it inside.

# 9: Backpack

Another great idea for an item you can track with an AirTag is your backpack / bag. If you often place your items incorrectly, or if you are afraid that someone will steal them, this can definitely be a good idea.

# 10: Passport / driving license

Losing your passport while traveling can be seriously frustrating and often has very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to place it in a special case with an AirTag inside. It is not guaranteed that you will find it, but it is better than having it hopelessly lost.

# 11: Glasses

This is more of a humorous suggestion than anything else, but for those of us who wear glasses, you know the frustration of losing them. If only there was an easy way to have something in the direction of an AirTag that could help find your glasses!

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