Android 13 – Android 13 revealed 3 great features in the new system

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Android 12 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system to date. However, it seems that the company has already started working on the Android 13 version, and the company decided to call it “Tiramisu”.

Features of the Android operating system 13

In the latest leaks, some interesting features of the upcoming operating system with the Samsung One UI interface were spotted. Here’s a look at what the new system will bring in its early stages of development.

Per-app language options and notification runtime permissions

It appears that Google is working on a new feature in Android 13, codenamed “Panlingual”. If implemented in the final version, it will enable the language settings for each application and allow multilingual users to set different languages ​​for different applications without having to change the system language.

Additionally, app notifications can get runtime permissions, which may help users reduce unwanted notifications, although it is not known whether notifications will be disabled by default in each app.

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New lock screen clock option for UI

Android 13 - Android 13 revealed 3 great features in the new system

Update added Android 12 A new effect where the lock screen clock changes from large to small when notifications arrive.

It looks like Android 13 will add a new toggle button to disable this lock screen animation and keep the lock screen clock’s large look regardless of notifications.

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Energy management feature

Android 13 - Android 13 revealed 3 great features in the new system

Google is working on a new feature for managing energy consumption, the Android resource balances feature, in Android 13, which is called “TARE” short for The Android Resource Economy”.

The new operating system will grant “Android Resource Credits” to apps based on the device’s battery level and other factors, as these apps can then “spend” these credits to perform tasks. Credits will force apps to focus on certain tasks rather than others.

In the event that Google adheres to the plan to launch its operating systems, the special version will be launched for developers at the end of February next year. However, the final version is expected to arrive in September.

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