A secret code that opens a hidden application that brings important features to Samsung phones and several Android devices by experience

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There are many secret codes that allow us to access many hidden features and features in our smartphones, but in this article and as in the title, we will learn together a secret code that opens a hidden application on Samsung phones and many other Android phones and devices.

This hidden application allows us to access many features and perform a comprehensive phone scan without ever having to download and install third-party applications specialized in that! Yes, using only one secret code, you can quickly perform a comprehensive check of your phone.

Secret code: what is this code and how to use it?

Just, you only need to open the application or the call screen in your phone, and then write this code below from left to right starting with the star, and click on the connect button.

secret code

After that, you will notice for yourself a screen with many options that help you test and check your phone without downloading and installing external applications.

For example, you can test the screen, sound, etc. with this simple secret code that does not require many clicks as shown.

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I personally tried this code on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A52), and I was able to make a comprehensive check of my phone using the secret code.

In your opinion, what is the best secret code for phones Samsung?

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