A Japanese company develops a hand massager with amazing features for electronic games enthusiasts

A Japanese company (Bauhutte) has developed a new device known as (MSG-01H-BK) that aims to massage the hands that aims to support gamers after long gaming sessions.

The MSG-01H-BK is especially important for people who spend a lot of time playing games, as competition in games may cause you to spend a lot of hours on gaming devices, and this often leads to fatigue of the player’s hand or fingers, and therefore a Japanese company Bauhutte developed A device that supports warming the player’s hand or promoting blood circulation.

A Japanese company develops the MSG-01H-BK device with the following features:

  • Supporting gamer users via 15 layers of air cushions to support each finger of the hand
  • Provide shiatsu plates for palm support
  • Provides two modes for finger massage or whole hand massage
  • Provide some settings in the device that will support hand warmers
  • Improved circulation after long gaming sessions.
Japanese company

Knowing that the MSG-01H-BK will stop working automatically After a 10-minute massage, the company also notes that the device can provide support for users before games to warm up the hand, and after competitions to rest the hand.

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As for the price of the device, it is scheduled to be available in Japan now at a price of 150 USD.


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