Huge Android 12 redesign leaks with theme support, new animations, more

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Leakage based Google Pixel 6 reproduced
Google is rumored to be modernizing Wear OS this year, and the update is said to be as comprehensive as even Samsung is on board with the plans. Nu, en Android 12 leak also points to a huge software redesign on smartphones.

Android 12 supports themes and includes new animations

YouTuber Jon Prosserwho released Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are released earlier this week, have shared photos and a promo video of Google’s Android 12 software ahead of its official debut at. Google I / O next week.

The new software looks to introduce a heavily redesigned user interface that includes built-in theme support. Things like the new keyboard, app icons, and system app user interfaces change their appearance based on the theme chosen. The same can be said for the updated menu with quick settings and updated volume controls.

It is combined with a number of new widgets that also support theme and updated animations across the entire user interface. The latter makes things look much smoother and gives the impression of a more fluid interface.

Google may also enable other important user interface customization options per Promo video, e.g. The ability to manually (and quickly) group notifications or the ability to adjust the size of the calculator inside the calculator app.
Visually, this can be considered the biggest update to the Android operating system since Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop with the language Material Design way back in 2014.

What else comes to Android 12?

In one of the Android 12 slides to be shown on Google I / O next week, the internet giant calls Android 12 “a beautiful new experience” that will offer “stronger privacy and security.”

What exactly these privacy and security improvements entail will still be seen a report earlier this year claimed that Google is working on an alternative to Apple’s transparency feature for app tracking.
As revealed in another recent leak, was Google Assistant also supports the new theme feature. Additional assistant triggers, such as a double-click back gesture, are also set to be part of Android 12.
Tablets will also not be left out of the Android 12 updates. Although the device category is largely dominated by Samsung and Apple, Android 12 is expected to offer better native multitasking tablet.

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