iPhone SE (2022) will apparently still look like something from 2017

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In early 2021, some rumors circulated that the next iPhone SE had a more modern design. But now, through an ‘update’ to such a rumor, we are told that the iPhone SE (2022) will actually have the same design as the iPhone SE (2020), which actually reused the design of the iPhone 8 from 2017.

It’s definitely going to look out of place in the mobile world this year, with virtually all phones, including budget fans, settling for the ‘all-screen’ look. However, the new iPhone SE will not have any of that. Then again, iPhone SE buyers do not care how outdated their device’s design is, as long as it remains the cheapest iPhone to get, they get it – for that reason. Oh, and this time there will also be 5G built-in.

It’s probably Apple’s strangest mobile product, the iPhone SE, with its two-year update cycle (unheard of elsewhere, even in Apple’s own portfolio) – and these refreshes ‘refresh’ only something in the design department every two generations, as in – every four years! But again, none of this matters, people will keep buying iPhone SE because it is the only cheap iPhone.

Incidentally, in 2024, the iPhone SE should have a design reminiscent of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, with only a slightly smaller screen size. It does not get Face ID, but reportedly comes with a Touch ID sensor embedded in the on / off button. In a full two years, you will have such amazing innovations on the iPhone SE. Worth the wait? You must be the judge.

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