Mark Gurman: Apple is bringing a punch hole display to the iPhone 14

Reports that Apple is bringing a hole screen to the iPhone 14 series are not new, but another insider doubled them over the weekend. Mark Gurman, editor at Bloomberg, which specializes in Apple products, revealed in his latest podcast Power On that he expects Apple to drop the tip of some 2022 devices.

The new year will also bring us a redesigned MacBook Air with an M2 chip and wireless charging for the 2022 iPad Pro.

When / if the iPhone 14 series comes with a hole solution, FaceID will probably do it below the screen. Apple has been working on the technology for a while, and it’s likely to show up during the launch this fall.

Gurman claimed that the new M2 chip would be “marginally faster” than the M1. It should have an octa-core CPU and 9- or 10-core GPU, which would be an upgrade over the 8-core GPU on the current Air. A new, internally developed chip is also expected for the Mac Pro and an AR / VR headset, which is likely to appear at WWDC this summer.

The list of expected products also includes a new iPhone SE with 5G and a robust version of the Apple Watch.



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