Google and Samsung join forces on a major Wear OS upgrade

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On today Google I / O 2021 event, Google has announced its joint efforts with Samsung towards improving Wear OS by combining it with Samsung’s Tizen OS into a single platform. Together, the two companies have focused on getting Wear OS apps to launch and perform faster and improve the life of the smartwatch battery. In addition, Wear OS will have its fitness services improved by using Fitbit’s expertise.

The Google Play Store will also be available for smartwatches using the updated Wear OS platform. The platform itself will be available to other smartwatch manufacturers and is not limited to Samsung and Google’s wearables.

In the following blog post, Google shared the following performance enhancement details in the upcoming new Wear OS version:

Wear OS gets new navigation features

Users can now access shortcuts to important features, such as switching to a previous app anywhere on the screen. The home screen found on Wear OS will also be more customizable, allowing users to add tiles from their favorite apps. Thus, users have control over what information they want to see immediately.

Google Maps and Google Assistant get a Wear OS redesign

We still need to know what they will look like. In addition, Google Pay also gets a whole new look and becomes available for 26 new countries that are also not yet announced.

Google Play for Wear gets new apps

Google notes that it will make it easier for developers to create apps (and tiles) for Wear OS. These include a new Tile API and a dial design editor made by Samsung. We also have the following glimpse of how Spotify is working on redesigning its app for Wear OS.

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