PUBG New State awesome features that will change the rules of play in the next February update

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The developers mentioned earlier this year that PUBG New State would receive two updates during January and February. The January update was released about a week ago, and now, details about the upcoming February update are starting to emerge.

The latest PUBG New State update number 0.9.23 has introduced the first season of the game, which means that the pre-season period is now officially over. The first season brought a whole host of new mechanics to the game such as the fast and new electric car “Rimac Nevera”.

PUBG New State awards 3 additional chicken medals in the weekly challenge by playing a match in the Erangel, Troim, Station and BR: Extreme map, where players will need to complete all the missions to earn medals.

Great details coming to PUBG New State in February update

According for developersThe new update will reduce “eyestrain” for players, and the graphics update aims to help players detect enemies at a distance, which could change the rules of the game for many.

Detecting enemies before they approach is essential to defeating enemies in a battle royale game like PUBG New State. Details about the graphic update are still sparse as the developers have not shared exactly what changes will be made to reduce eye strain.

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PUBG New State awesome features that will change the rules of play in the next February update

As of now, a February update release date for the game hasn’t been set, but the developers will likely share details as the launch date approaches.

It will be interesting to see if the February update kicks off the second season of the game, or if the developers decided to extend the opening season a bit. These are not the only two updates shared by the developers but it has also been confirmed that PUBG New State will receive a new map in the middle of the year.

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What other improvements are you waiting for in the next PUBG New State update? Share with us in the comments.

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