Apple Watch Series 7 rumored to have a new design and a new color option

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Last September, TF International’s Ming-Chi Kuo said the Series 7 Apple Watch could be redesigned. Recently tipster Jon Prosser made a similar comment during an episode of his Genius Bar podcast. Prosser says that the upcoming Apple Watch model will include a change similar to one made by another Apple devices.

This may indicate that the watch will change to a flat-edged design similar to what we are now looking at iPhone 12 series, iPad Air and iPad Pro. Prosser and his podcast partner Sam Kohl say this design change will be more subtle than what Apple has done with the same redesign on other products. And the duo also said Apple will add a new green color setting to the Apple Watch Series 7.

Another possibility is that The Apple Watch Series 7 includes a blood glucose meter that gives diabetics a non-invasive way to test their blood sugar. This allows them to calculate how much insulin they need to inject before each meal. Instead of drawing their own blood, putting it on a test strip and inserting the strip into a glucometer to get a reading, Apple Watch users would just stand by when an infrared light from the back of the watch shines through the user’s skin to determine the level of sugar in the blood no expensive test strips, no blood test before each test.
Interestingly, there was a rumor that Samsung added a similar non-invasive blood glucose monitor to Galaxy Watch 4, but that rumor recently died. As we write this story, however, the blood glucose measurement feature remains a strong option for the upcoming version of the world’s most popular watch. Check out the best deals for Apple Watch.

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