Massive Apple Watch Series 7 leak shows off new design, green color

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The iPhone, iPad and even the iMac have adopted a new square design that is in many ways a relapse to the iPhone 4. This fall Apple was able to complete its range with a redesign Apple Watch Series 7, which follows the same design language.

Apple Watch Series 7 has a flat frame

Leaker Jon Prosser has published reproductions of Apple Watch Series 7. The images, which are said to be based on photos and CAD files from smartwatch, point to a new flat metal frame instead of the rounded one seen on current models.

The design is similar to what is previewed iPad Pro (2021) and iPhone 12 series, creating a more consistent look and feel across Apple’s entire hardware ecosystem.

But the company has made some subtle changes to its new watch. While the iPhone and iPad frame edges are quite sharp, the Apple Watch Series 7 seems to make them a little rounder to prevent them from digging into the user’s wrist.

Like previous models, users will be able to control the Watch Series 7 via the included touch screen. It’s likely to be an OLED panel again – micro-LED technology is still a few years away – and the reproductions suggest that you should not expect thinner frames, even though models with smaller frames have been tested.

Complementing the screen is a digital crown that retains the same look as before, a small microphone for phone calls and Apple’s Walkie-Talkie mode and the usual pill-shaped side button.

The other side of the smartwatch houses the speakers. For unknown reasons, the speaker slots are much larger than before, but perhaps Apple is planning a major upgrade that no one knows about yet.

There is no word on the size of this year’s Apple Watch models, but the renderings certainly suggest that Apple will maintain compatibility with existing Apple Watch bands for another generation.

A green Apple Watch Series 7 is apparently on the way

Last September, Apple expanded its color options to include both blue and product (RED) aluminum watch Series 6 models. With the Watch Series 7, Prosser reports that Apple may be updating its blue color and introducing a new green option.

However, the company is said to have worked on experimental finishes, so nothing is locked yet. The two finishes pictured below are very similar iPad Air (2020) color settings. The blue also matches the color seen on renderings of the redesigned MacBook Air (2021), which is expected to launch later this year.

Apple Watch Series 7 software and performance expectations

The Apple Watch Series 7 will undoubtedly be one of those best smartwatches in 2021, but the portable device will face tougher competition than ever thanks to the recent Google and Samsung partnership. Apple’s rivals are merging their respective smartwatch operating systems – Wear OS and Tizen – into a single platform called ‘Wear’, though that may not be the final name.

Apps launch faster than before, and apps receive major upgrades that introduce additional features. This should all debut this summer on Galaxy Watch 4, so it will be interesting to see what Apple brings to the table in terms of software and features this fall.
Currently, the biggest new Watch Series 7 is expected to be blood glucose measurement, more commonly known as blood glucose level. It will reportedly be enabled by a non-invasive optical sensor.

Not much is known about watchOS 8, but Apple is showing the next version of its smartwatch operating system in a few weeks at WWDC 2021, so we do not have to wait much longer to find out what is planned.

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