Kraken Z3 cooler review is the best water cooler for PC? from NZXT

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Most of the specialists in computer hardware agree that water cooling is the best way to keep the PC fast while using it for long hours in programs or games that consume very large resources, and here we must use specialized devices in this field. Which provides features that you will not find in other competitors.

Kraken Z3 computer cooler review

Z3 Kraken is a new family of water-cooling processors from an industry leader called NZXT. Kraken Z3 On three important points that make it one of the best water cooling devices: ease of installation without the need for experience in computer assemblies, high performance in cooling and attractive appearance.

We start with the first point, which is the ease of installation, thanks to the availability of the coolant on fine nylon nets inside the rubber tubes that help strengthen them and maintain the durability of the device’s connection to the processor.

Apart from this, the Kraken Z3 comes with a set of new and unique features that make it an elegant and attractive addition to your setup along with its primary role in cooling the processor to double its performance and efficiency while working on the PC. You can display your favorite normal or animated posters and pictures on the cooler screen smoothly in the display. You can also learn important information about the processor in real time while the device is working to know its condition, with complete freedom of customization without restrictions and a six-year warranty. With its 2.36inch LCD screen displaying RGB colors, it makes an attractive decoration for your office.

After installing the device on the PC, you can monitor its work and the state of the processor completely through a special program that you install on the desktop that makes it easy for you to control the performance and appearance of the cooler.

Besides all this cooler helps you to immerse yourself in the game you are playing through the dramatic lighting effects in the built-in fans, the latter which plays its role perfectly without the noise that disturbs the player thanks to its unique design. It comes with tips that produce optimum airflow while keeping the fans as quiet as possible.

The Kraken Z3 family includes three members that are almost similar in features and specifications, with differences in dimensions: Z53, Z63 and Z73.

You can find out the prices and buy the water cooler through the official NZXT company website. Do you prefer to use water or air coolers? Share your opinion with us in the comments section, and we will meet in the next episode on My Digital TV to review a new product.

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