iPhone 12 is the world’s best selling phone so far in 2021 and Galaxy S21 isn’t even close

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That iPhone 12 line has been a huge success ever since its launch last October, so it comes as no surprise to hear it Apple’s latest flagship smartphones absolutely dominated the market in every way last quarter.

The iPhone 12 was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the first quarter of 2021

Apple standard The iPhone 12 5G model was the world’s best-selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2021 and accounted for an outstanding 5% of global shipments during the period. It was followed in a close second place by the top-of-the-range iPhone 12 Pro Max, which had a market share of 4%.

That iPhone 12 Pro was the third best-selling device, adding another 3% market share to Apple’s total. You would expect iPhone 12 mini to complete the top 4 list, but that’s not what happened. The compact iPhone has underperformed so much that it did not even reach the top 10.

It was down to the older (and cheaper) iPhone 11 to fill the gap. The phone managed to capture more than 2% of global shipments, enough to guarantee the fourth place next to some of best phones in 2021.

Counterpoint research Apple’s success attributed the strong demand for 5G smartphones and delayed purchases of smartphones from 2020, a direct result of the global pandemic.

The remaining spots on the top 10 list by volume went to Xiaomi and Samsung, who fought for it with their budget units. The fifth, sixth and eighth position went to Xiaomi with Redmi 9A, Redmi 9and Redmi Note 9, respectively.

Redmi 9A performed particularly well in China and India, whereas the vanilla Redmi 9 experienced success in the Southeast Asian markets.

Samsung took seventh Galaxy A12, ninth with Galaxy A21s, and tenth with Galaxy A31. Demand for these devices was concentrated in India, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones accounted for 35% of all smartphone revenue

Measuring the performance of the smartphone market by revenue is really changing things up. Despite ‘only’ 5% of volume, the iPhone 12 generated an incredible 12% of all smartphone revenue last quarter.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max accounted for a further 11% of revenue, and the iPhone 12 Pro followed with a 9% share. Combined with iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SEApple’s 2020 iPhone models alone captured 35% of global revenue. Oh, and the popular iPhone 11 generated another 3%.

Not a single one Galaxy S21 model came top 10 in terms of volume, but all three models appeared on the revenue chart. That Galaxy S21 Ultra occupied fifth place with a very respectable 3% of the total. Galaxy S21 ended the quarter with 2% of revenue and Galaxy S21 + succeeded another 1%, which brought The Samsung Galaxy S21 series makes up a total of 6% in Q1 2021.

Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro took the remaining place in the top 10 with a share of 2%. This is impressive considering that the smartphone has only been widely available in China, but this could be the last time we see a Huawei phone on the list.

Counterpoint research claims that the success of these flagships pushed global smartphone revenue to over $ 100 billion in Q1 2021, setting a record in Q1. And with the exception of Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, it’s clear that 5G is fast becoming the standard in the premium market.

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