Android 12 will prevent screenshots being automatically uploaded on Google Photos

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Google Photos users with Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo smartphones have been battling a niggling issue since forever – their phones have backed up their screenshots along with their camera images without the option to turn it off. According to people from XDA developers, which dug around the Android 12 beta, Google will finally require all devices wishing to run Android 12 to store screengrabs in a different folder so that they do not interfere with the actual photos.

Until now, major manufacturers pushed the screenshots into the DCIM subfolder (which stands for Digital Camera Images). Since Google Photos Backup Service uploads every image in the DCIM image, it will upload all inclusive screenshots.

According to XDA Developers, in the initial revision of the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) of Android 12 text that says manufacturers should save screenshots for Pictures> Screenshots instead of the DCIM folder, which will be reserved for photos, taken with the camera app .

Of course, people who want their screenshots backed up can simply choose to select the new folder to be backed up. The setting is still in Settings in the Google Photos app under Backup & Sync> Backup Device Folders, where you can select other folders to store in the cloud.


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