Global Xiaomi 12 Pro gets listed by the FCC, appears in Geekbench benchmark

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Xiaomi unveiled the 12 Series a few days before New Year’s Eve and only announced plans for a launch in China. The rest of the world is still waiting for a global launch, and although there is no official timeline yet, clues are piling up suggesting the launch is near.

Xiaomi 12 Pro and its vanilla siblings were seen in the database of an Indonesian telecommunications company a few weeks ago, now Pro has also been through the FCC and has appeared in several benchmark results.

Global Xiaomi 12 Pro (2201122G) connection data from an FCC report

The FCC report for the phone (2201122G) reveals support for the following 5G sub-6 bands: n5, n7, n38, n51, n66, n77 and n78. It will also have Wi-Fi 6E support, although it is still not legalized in some regions (eg EU). NFC is also on board.

This 5G connection is enabled by the Qualcomm modem inside the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. A Geekbench result from the global Xiaomi 12 Pro shows 12 GB of RAM and Android 12 (with MIUI 13 on top). The result is on the low side for an 8 Gen 1 phone, so the global ROM may need work.

Geekbench result from the global Xiaomi 12 Pro

Geekbench result from the global Xiaomi 12 Pro

As for RAM, base Pro has 8 GB, but since there is only a result in the database, we can not draw conclusions about what memory capacities will be offered to the global audience. The Vanilla Xiaomi 12 tested by Geekbench had 8GB of RAM (this device scored even lower, further indicating that the ROM is not ready for prime time).

The phone also appeared in the HTML5Test database using Chrome 96 on Android 12. Interestingly enough, this result is from two months ago before Xiaomi unveiled the 12 Series, so work on the global model has been going on for a while.

Global Xiaomi 12 Pro is listed by the FCC, shown in Geekbench benchmark

Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro are on their way to a global launch, the third member of the family, Xiaomi 12X, is likely to join them. The launch date is still foggy, but previous leaks indicated that the Xiaomi 12 is aiming for a release in February or March, and we have no reason to believe that its two siblings will not be by its side. And do not forget that there is also an Ultra model waiting for it to shine.

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