The best 2022 PlayStation 5 and computer games in the world. eagerly awaited

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We have entered a new year and it is time to see the most important games that will be downloaded during the year 2022 and the coming years. In this video, we gathered you the most important games of 2022. They deserve to look at them and focus with them for the next period, let’s start and welcome to your gym with my TV number.

The best 2022 PlayStation 5 and PC games in the world

1- A Plague tale: Requiem

Our first game is A Plague Tale: Requiem It is one of the best games of 2022 – the second part of the very successful game A Plague Tale: Innocence, and it is clear that the game world is now much more dangerous than what has passed, and the main character is revolving around her brother, and it is clear that her character has developed rigidly, there is still not much information about the game, but if you tell us a story Gameplay is the first game, so we are very excited about it

2- SIFU . game

The second game is one of the best 2022 games and the most awaited game. It is a three-dimensional combat game developed by Slowclap, which made the game Absolver. The company introduced a distinctive combat system in its new game, SIFU, which is clear that most of the time, you and some evil people will be working against each other in a way. It is impressive, and you are trying to defeat them through the comps and the environment around you, and from its current form it is clear that the graphics will remain very beautiful and this makes us excited about it.

3- Kirby and the forgotten lands

The third game is our generation from Nintendo, and it is clear that the famous character Kirby will remain in the post-destruction world, and it is clear that it will focus on exploring the destroyed world and we are trying to find out why exactly it was destroyed.

4- Splatoon 3

The fourth game is Splatoon 3, and it is very clear that it will advance what the games before that were presented, but bigger and better, and it is one of the best games of 2022.. It will have a story for individual play, and it also includes the team play that is known about it, and it is clear that the place where the events of the game take place has changed And the events will take place in a new place, and often they will remain in better stages and modifications, and their distinctive playing system.

5- The Day Before

The game after it is called The Day Before, and it tries to combine the elements of The Division’s gameplay and mix it with the world of The Walking Dead, and its look is clear that it will remain a distinctive game, and we very much hope that it succeeds in offering what it promises, unlike other games.

6- God of war Ragnarok

As for the sixth game, it is God of War Ragnarok, the second expected part of the very successful God of war game, which is one of the best games of 2022.., this part will complete the story of Kratos and his son on their flight in the world of Scandinavian myths, which has strong characters like Thor and Odin, and we expect that the game will This is an evolution from the character of Ibn Kratos, and the interest shifts from the previous part.

7- ISONZO . game

The next game is called Isonzo. This is a world war game from the first perspective that focuses on the Italian side of the war and its aftermath. It is currently difficult to present a world war game without what appears to be a repetition, but this is the first game that focuses on this particular aspect of The war and Hansni when you download the official and see what you offer us.

8- Soulstice

Game No. 8 is Soulstice – one of the best 2022 games.. It is a fantasy and action game from the third perspective that lets you control two characters at the same time, a strong and chaotic character who uses weapons and swords, and the second character, like a ghost, uses magic and spirituality on the battlefield, something like that is like the Shadow of Mordor , It is clear that her world is bleak and her story will be distinguished.

9- Saints Row Reboot

Game No. 9 with us is the new part of Saints Row, and this will be the reboot of the series, and this means that we will see the game taking a new direction and different from the previous parts that did not take itself seriously, and it is clear from the way it plays that it will return to its origins and return to the life of gangs and crime mainly, still not Are you sure how to bring an old game series back to life, but we are excited to see the results.

10- Frost Punk 2

Game No. 10 is Frost Punk 2, the game that offers a strategic and political style of play from a top down view. The first part was special and different from the rest of the games, which made us try to build a city in a destroyed world covered in snow, and we expect the new part to be one of the best games in 2022. Let decisions, no matter how big or small, affect the city you are building.

Follow the rest of the games in the video and learn about the best 2022 games.. Share with us the best game for you in the comments

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