40-core Apple Silicon to power upcoming Mac Pro, new Mac mini also in the works

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Following the launch of its first M1 chip, Apple is working to expand its silicon portfolio to turn on its future devices. Bloomberg says it has inside information on a new Mac Pro and an advanced Mac mini.

Mac Pro has been rumored to be up to twice as small as its predecessor, but now we have something intel on its internal. Two versions of the device will be available – one with a 20-core and another with a 40-core chip, while the GPU has either 64 or 128 cores. Codenamed 2C-Die and 4C-Die, the new Mac Pros will adopt 16 and 32 high-performance cores with the energy-efficient for lower load.

In terms of Mac mini, the device is expected to offer a significant upgrade over the existing one. It will reportedly use a 10-core CPU and either 32 or 64 GPU cores. The chassis adds two more ports on top of the existing two and supports up to 64GB of RAM.

The source adds that the advanced Mac mini project is still in its early stages and may be pushed back or scrapped altogether. Updating its larger iMac with an Apple Silicon is also underway, but so far there are no details.


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