2022 applications steal your personal and banking data, beware, you should delete them immediately

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Recently, Google has deleted a group of popular applications in the Play Market after discovering that they contain malicious software that steals from the user his data … In this episode, we will show the most prominent 2022 applications that Google has deleted, and in the event that one of them is installed on your phone, you must delete it immediately

2022 apps you should delete immediately

Starting with: Now QRcode Scan … As the name indicates, the role of the application is to scan QR codes, so it forces the user to give access to the camera, but you can imagine the danger of this alone and what could result from spying and a breach of privacy, regardless of the topic Spying or data theft Most phones come with pre-installed and secure applications to scan QR codes, so the user no longer needs this type of application in the first place.

Second: EmojiOne Keyboard and Classic Emoji Keyboard… Maybe if you think a little, you will realize that your personal and banking data is much more important than an emoji keyboard. Your personal data never indicates that its only role is to provide you with cute emojis.

Third: battery charging animation battery wallpaper … an application that adds nice visual effects to the phone background when it is linked to charging, a simple service that the application performs for the user, but what takes the application from the latter is not simple at all, personal and bank data can be simply stolen from you without any guilt other than that you wanted Your phone should be blessed with a visual effect while charging.

Fourth: Super Hero-effect … As it is known, a large group of photo-editing applications are limited in their free version, if you want to take advantage of all the features and additions, you must subscribe monthly or buy the paid version of the application, and this is the taste used by this application, as it tempts you By entering your bank information to subscribe to the application, but the subscription price this time can cost everything you have in your bank card.

Fifthly: Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer … an application dedicated to modifying and adjusting the audio, but unfortunately it also turned out to contain the Joker malicious program and could steal a lot of sensitive personal or bank data, so if you have this application it is necessary to delete it and search for An application that does the same process is much safer.

Sixth: Dazzling Keyboard … We conclude with a final application, which is a keyboard. There are many reliable applications such asGboard From Google, Microsoft’s SwiftKey, and other applications that offer everything necessary as a keyboard, there is no need to abandon all these applications and install an unknown application that is teeming with malware that can lead your sensitive data to theft and exploitation.

These were the most prominent applications of 2022, if they were installed on your phone, you should delete them immediately, share the episode with your friends to be a reason to protect them from major electronic dangers, our date is the next episode of innovation on my TV number … Goodbye!

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