Apple is working on Beats Studio Buds truly wireless earbuds with no stems

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The fact that Apple is working on a new pair of genuine wireless earphones should come as no surprise to anyone at all. The AirPods line is very successful and of course the company wants to keep it fresh. But that’s not what they’ll be Beats branded. Okay, fair, that’s probably not very surprising either, given that Apple owns the brand and its bread and butter are headphones. But look at them. Just … look at them.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Beats Studio Buds. They look like every other pair of genuine wireless earphones out there except for one of the others Apple makes. There is no resemblance to any of the AirPods here. None. No stems. Just a beautiful generic design with a big Beats “b” to make sure the wearer lets everyone around know what brand these are. These are par for the course for Beats products, and probably a huge reason for their success.

Excitingly, this leak comes from Apple itself via these images found inside iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6 beta builds that the company recently released. So it’s probably as official as they get before they actually become official.

It’s unclear when to expect their announcement, but since they’re already appearing in beta software, it may not be far off – maybe the revelation will come after iOS 14.6 is completed. Interestingly, it is said that the next AirPods Pro is said to have a similar design as these Beats Studio Buds, which completely deviates from the Apple tribe brand.

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