Samsung will only update the Galaxy A51 twice a year from now on

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Samsung is promising four years of security updates and three major Android updates for most of its devices, including the Galaxy A series. And yet, that does not mean monthly security updates, apparently.

The Galaxy A51, according to Samsung’s own updates website, is only going to receive two updates per year from now on. This in spite of the fact that the phone is little more than two years old, and it’s so far only received one of the three major Android OS upgrades it’s been promised. Oh, and it’s been one of the company’s best selling devices.

To make things even more baffling, the much less best-selling Galaxy A51 5G will get security updates quarterly, so twice as many each year than its more popular sibling.

We’re hoping this does not change anything about the plans to bring Android 12 and Android 13 to the Galaxy A51, eventually. But it’s a good thing to keep in mind that “x years of security updates” does not necessarily mean “x years of monthly security updates “.

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