Comparing the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the iPhone 13 Pro Max The real challenge of the attack on the titan

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Today, we present Luqm with a comparison of numbers and specifications between the new Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the giant Apple iPhone 13 Pro MAX.

Comparison of Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max

First: design and workmanship

We start with the workmanship… Galaxy S22 Ultra It came with a glass front and back structure of Gorilla Glass Victus Plus with an aluminum frame… In the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the body is also glass, but the front glass is supported by a ceramic cover and the frame surrounding the body of the device is made of flat stainless steel and connects at a right angle to the screen.

The interface of the S22 Ultra came completely covered with the screen with symmetrical edges and slight curves on the sides … and there is a hole above the middle for the front camera. On the iPhone, the screen is flat without curves, with a matching black frame surrounding the screen. At the top there is the famous notch.

From the back, we find the lenses of the S22 Ultra phone, at the top left, protruding from the chassis without its own unit… On the iPhone, we find the cameras grouped inside a square unit with rounded corners at the top left. The back of the body in the two phones comes with a matte finish and a low gloss finish that does not collect many fingerprints.

The two phones support IP68 water and dust resistance, ensuring the S22 Ultra withstands up to 1.5 meters under water for half an hour. On the other hand, the iPhone withstands water to a depth of 6 meters.

The dimensions of the two devices came as it appears in front of you on the screen… The Galaxy is larger and thicker than the iPhone, but the iPhone is heavier in weight.

Second: the screen

The S22 Ultra screen comes with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with a saturated color, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen comes with QHD + quality … and supports Always-on display.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max screen also came of the OLED type, with a slightly smaller size, 6.7 inches, with a quality of approximately QHD + as well, with support for a high refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

Third: performance

The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a first-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, an octa-core processor from Qualcomm, with a 4nm architecture. The global version comes with the new Samsung Exynos 2200 processor with a 4nm manufacturing accuracy as well. The device comes with a random memory capacity of 8 or 12 GB, with a storage space of 128, 256, 512 GB, up to 1 TB. The operating system is Android 12 with OneUI 4.1 interface.

The iPhone comes with the latest Apple A15 Bionic processor, which is a hexa-core with a 5nm architecture… The device is attached to 6 GB of RAM and offers storage capacity options: 128, 256, 512 GB in addition to 1 TB.. The operating system is iOS 15.

Fourth: the cameras

Both devices come with an integrated rear camera unit.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 108-megapixel primary lens, attached to a laser sensor for improved Laser Autofocus. The zoom camera is divided into two lenses, the first being a telephoto that can take pictures with optical zoom up to 3 times and digital zoom up to 30 times. The second is a periscope for remote imaging, with the ability to zoom in optically up to 10 times and digitally up to 100 times via Space Zoom technology. The wide lens came with 12 megapixels. The front lens is 40 megapixels, and it is not attached to other sensors.

The iPhone came with three lenses on the back, all 12 megapixels, including the front lens. The primary lens contains optical stabilization, the telephoto lens allows for zoom up to 3 times optical and 15 times digital and contains optical stabilization as well. The Ultrawide lens also works as a Macro lens for shooting close-up subjects. Night Mode feature is now available for all lenses as well. There is also a LiDAR sensor dedicated to measuring depth and improving autofocus.

Fifthly: the sound

Both phones come with stereo speakers that work through a speaker at the bottom and a headset for calls. The two phones do not have a 3.5 mm port to connect wired headphones… Connect the headphones in the S22 Ultra via the USB-C port, and in the iPhone via the Lightning port. The phones also do not come with wired headphones inside the box…

Sixthly: Connection

The two phones support connectivity to 5G networks… In the iPhone, there is no support for installing two SIM cards in general, except for a special version for some markets… The S22 Ultra accepts the installation of two SIM cards.

Seventh: Additional features

The most important feature of the Galaxy S22 Ultra came with support for the S-Pen, with a special entrance built into the chassis, as in the Note family phones. The phone provides a built-in fingerprint at the bottom of the Ultrasonic screen. However, the device does not include sensors dedicated to facial recognition. Samsung also offers the Dex feature, which turns the phone into a computer experience when connected to a screen.

On the other hand, the iPhone provides 3D facial recognition technology, Face ID, to unlock the device, with the ability to add a secret number. The device is devoid of a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone has capabilities that make it seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices as well…

Eighth: Battery and charging

The Galaxy S22 Ultra battery came with a size of 5000 mAh, supports 45W fast charging, 15W wireless charging and also reverse wireless charging, and the charger is not available inside the box.

The iPhone came with a 4352 mAh battery, the phone supports 27 watts fast charging, and 15 watts wireless charging via MagSafe technology that uses a circular magnet under the back glass of the phone. But the charger does not come included in the phone case either.

Ninth: Availability and price

The price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra starts from $ 1,200 for a 128 GB version. The phone comes in white, black, dark green and dark red colors..

While the iPhone 13 Pro MAX price starts at $ 1,100 for the 128 GB version. The phone comes in silver, graphite, gold and blue colors.

This was a comparison of numbers between the two giants, Samsung and Apple, the most powerful. Now write to us in the comments which phone is superior in your opinion… and wait for us in a technical arena after trying the two phones for a longer time…

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