Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition debuts in Japan

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Samsung has been partners with the International Olympic Committee for a long time, and we have seen great collaborations in the world of smartphones. While the better part of the batch of branded units went to competing athletes, there were also units for sale in select markets.

Last year we saw the Galaxy S20 + get the Olympic treatment with the Tokyo 2020 logo on the back. This year, Samsung is stepping in and launching the Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition, but only with the five-circle IOC logo on the back. There is no mention at all of the upcoming XXXII Olympics on the phone, only in the promo materials on the carrier’s page.

Tokyo 2020 games were originally postponed by twelve months, and at this point we are still unsure if the games will take place at all, so we understand Samsung’s conservative approach to the design.

These phones, currently only offered in Japan with the carrier NTT Docomo, will also have a unique wallpaper with the Olympic circles, but this is where differences from a vanilla Galaxy S21 5G end.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition

On the inside, we have the Snapdragon 888 chipset combined with an 8 + 128 GB memory combination as the non-Olympic phone. The screen is a 6.2 ”dynamic AMOLED panel with 1080p resolution and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Edition is still ready for pre-order with no actual price, nor did NTT Docomo reveal anything about a launch date. We are pretty sure that the phone is unlikely to come outside the Japanese market, which does not stop us from hoping for the global availability of this limited edition.

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