Samsung Galaxy S22 – Galaxy S22 lacks an old feature in Android, but it is very important

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Recently, during the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event, Samsung launched the awaited Galaxy S22 series, which includes three devices, the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

During the event, the company announced its commitment to provide four years of Android OS updates to select devices, and the Galaxy S22 series will be on the list of eligible devices. However, Android phones in the series seem to be missing an old but very important feature.

Important feature not available in Galaxy S22 series

A recent report revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones do not support the smooth update features of the Android system. The seamless update via this feature is done by dividing the phone storage into A/B partitions and cycles between them while installing major updates. For example, if partition “A” is currently in use, the update will be installed in partition “B” and vice versa.

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The lack of this feature will cause the software update to take longer to install on the device and the phone will not be usable during this time. It is not yet clear why the seamless update features have not been added to the series Galaxy S22. Also, it was not released for previous versions of phones so it is unlikely that the situation will change in the future. This could have something to do with Samsung’s security measures on the device, but Samsung hasn’t released an explanation yet.

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Seamless updates are useful for several reasons, as people can easily undo an insecure update without having to wipe the device completely. People have also used A/B partitions to switch between two custom ROM types, but this is beyond the scope of the average user.

Unlike competitors like Xiaomi and OnePlus, it seems that Samsung doesn’t want users to mess with its devices too much, especially those that come with Knox protection. However, it cannot be understood why it has overlooked a feature that has been a staple of most Android devices for the past five years.

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