Poco M3 Pro 5G leaks in official-looking renders just as execs tease specs

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It looks like Poco is coming up with something new soon. The Poco M3 Pro is on its way to complementing the vanilla M3 in Poco’s ever-growing list. It’s a similar feature to what Poco recently drew with the X3 and X3 Pro.

Unlike this pair, however, it appears that the M3 Pro does not look identical to the M3, choosing to forgo this standout design of this model to a different type of standout design. We say this based on the leaked reproductions you can see below.

Compared to the M3, the M3 Pro will have a MediaTek Dimensity chipset at the helm, according to Kevin Xiaobo Qiu, head of Poco Global, and Angus Ng, Poco’s global head of product marketing. The exact SoC is not named, but it works better than the Snapdragon 662 in the non-Pro phone. The company’s internal test had one score of 301,635 in AnTuTu, while the upcoming M3 Pro scored 329,072.

Because it is a Dimensity, it has 5G connection. In addition, the Poco M3 Pro will have a high refresh rate screen, which is another improvement over the M3. As you can see, it will be available in three colors, including Poco yellow.

Interestingly, when the Poco M3 Pro launches, the Poco X3 will retire. The M3 Pro is priced around the same as that model, and for those who want even better performance, there is the Poco X3 Pro.

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